good girl gang started with the idea of creating t shirts with a message.


i made the move to earth positive tees because i wanted all good girl gang clothing to have high environmental, ethical and social standards; as well as create something that doesn't contribute to fast fashion. made from 100% organic indian cotton, everything is manufactured using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power.

i want this space of feminism, equality and love, to reflect the people that make them. 100% of earth positive products undergo annual labour practice checks in compliance with the International Labour Organisation's standards, lovely. ♡

if you've been looking to upcycle an old t shirt that's been lying around for who knows how long, i am here to answer your sad clothes' prayers. send me your old tee/totes & i will refresh them with any GGG print in store, click here for more information.


make sure to also check out the misprint monday sale; where i sell prints that weren't quite good enough to sell on the store, at a discounted price. available on the first monday of every month! less waste is a happy face ☺

2020. based in leicestershire, UK | good girl gang. photos by me. thanks for visiting my site ☺