hello, my name is nawel and i started good girl gang in 2017 as a means to create clothing for the underrepresented. after a very un motivated year at university, i left trying to feel creative again. that's when i realised screen printing was an actual thing anyone could try at home, binging diy tutorials became a priority. as tricky as it is, thanks to youtube, i learnt the art of screen printing. and here we are!

i hand draw & hand pull all designs in the studio using handmade silk screens, that i make all by myself, meaning each print is unique to you! all clothing is happily printed on 100% organic cotton too; manufactured with sustainability and ethical practices in mind.


starting good girl gang has been the most transformative experience & seeing the gang make its mark worldwide honestly brings a tear of joy to my eyes. if you're a creative and want to work together, contact me below, always down for a collaboration!


ps. + if you're a store and want to stock GGG, click the wholesale page below. thanks! ☺

2020. based in leicestershire, UK | good girl gang. photos by me. thanks for visiting my site ☺